Monday, 2 May 2011

Shape your world - Vote!

Today is election day in Canada. Our elections are marked by low voter turn-out, but it seems that most people I talk with are passionate about what they like or don't like in our federal government. Last night, we had a group of 20 somethings here and had a great discussion around the election, who the candidates are and how our system works (or doesn't work).

Our country has marked differences in it's regional histories and current economic cultures and that inevitably shows up in our politics by single parties winning some regional area and gaining relatively no votes in others. Campaigns are fought with attack ads that would make great targets for the anti-bully campaigns in our communities. And in the midst of all this, the voter has to chose his/her member of parliament, and through that choice, the Prime Minister of the country.

So, I have cast my vote and will wait with the rest of the country to see who our next leader will be and if he will win with a minority or majority government and what that will mean for our little corner of Canada here in Alberta.