Monday, 27 June 2011

It's All About the Food!

Many of the best memories I have are of family and food - whether a special occasion or just a picnic by the lake, food is always part of the memory. On our vacation to the Netherlands, my Mom and I tried to find as many authentic Dutch meals as we could and savoured the tastes and smells of all that goodness. Here were some of our favourites:
Vla - pudding sold in a carton in the dairy section.

Croquettes - served with fries or bread, always a tasty treat.

OK, these aren't Dutch. These are Belgian waffles sold right on the street with syrup baked right in.

Nothing beats a bowl full of steaming mussels fresh from the sea. Especially when you can't get them in rural Alberta!

Poffetjes - puffy little pancakes dusted with icing sugar. Yummy!

And here's me stuffing my face with another croquette and fries with mayonnaise.
Do you have favourite ethnic foods? Please comment and let me know what they are!