Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Canadian Quilters selling on Etsy

When I started listing my quilts on Etsy last fall, I was worried that I wouldn't get any sales. It's taken me a while to get going and find it hard to treat quilting as a business and I find myself doing other things around the house rather than building up inventory. But when I look around the Etsy site where I do my online selling, I see some marvelous Canadians who are making their way quite successfully in the online marketplace.

Here's some of my favourites:

QUILT LOVER from Big River, Saskatchewan. This is one of her New York Beauties - Monika does a marvelous job of perfect piecing and machine quilting.

KATHY KINSELLA from Salmon Arm, British Columbia. Along with her amazing art quilts, she also sells these very chic purses.

BLUE ELEPHANT STITCHES is from my home province of Alberta and is one of the first sellers I checked out on Etsy. Although I have always thought of myself as a traditional quilter and love the country colours, these bright, modern quilts catch my eye and I am drawn to them.

TERRY ASKE is another quilter from British Columbia. It must be the beautiful scenery there that inspires so many art quilters! Terry also sells art cards featuring her quilts. Here's one of the Vancouver skyline that is just beautiful.

Hope you've enjoyed your mini shopping tour of quilters on the western side of Canada.