Monday, 23 April 2012

Earth Day 2012

Does anybody remember the 3-R's? Re-duce, Re-use, and Re-cycle? We try to incorporate these into our everyday life and are getting better at battling the massive consumer mentality that is so much a part of our North American culture.

Our household has been trying to reduce our consumer footprint. We are visiting the Farmer's Market more frequently for our produce, using cloth bags instead of plastic and just not buying as much "stuff". I mean, how much "stuff" do we really need?

The very heart of quilting is the whole concept of re-use. Although most of my projects are made from new material, I also have fabric set aside from old clothing for some future projects as well as ribbons and trims scavenged from other uses. In my gardening, plastic pots are re-used until they are falling apart. This is a theme I would like to explore more in the coming year, especially with my Etsy shop, so watch for that in the coming months.

And recycling! I have to say that my husband is a great recycler! He cleans up all our glass, plastic and tins, removes labels and built an awesome recycling centre in our garage. Composting has made the largest impact on reducing our garbage, especially when we had a houseful of teenage boys. And it's great for the garden! Because we live in the country, we do not have regular pick up of garbage or recyclables, so it makes us a little more conscious of the way we dispose of our waste.

I'm a pack rat at heart, but am slowly going through the house, room by room, and sorting stuff into things that we still need and use and stuff that's garbage and stuff that's no longer needed here, but still good enough for someone else to use.

The most recent sort and purge has been my craft supplies. I'm a craft lover and along with that comes the supplies that go with any kind of craft activity. I had painting projects on my mind this weekend and pulled out my paints that haven't been used for a few years and found them dried out! So, out they went into the garbage! But that meant I'd have to make a trip in to buy the paint I was looking for. A quick trip to Michael's and Ikea and a few $ later, I had my paints and some great organizer bins to sort the rest of my craft supplies!

How do you celebrate "Earth Day"? Not just today, but every day?