Monday, 6 August 2012

Camp Aunty Ann - Part One

Last week I was busy entertaining and being entertained by 2 of my nieces and a nephew and a great-nephew - all between the ages of 10 and 13. Why would I do such a crazy thing you might ask? It's because I love this age group - these kids are just coming into their own personalities, learning to express their opinion and are still young enough to listen and old enough that they take care of their own personal hygiene! My mom (Grandma and great-grandma to these kids) drove them 2.5 hours from their home town to my house and stayed overnight so she could come with us on our adventures the next day.
We're going on a hike!
 Our first full day together, I had hoped to do some geo-caching, but for some reason, my phone app wasn't finding any geocaches close to where we were. So, we set off on a hike through Fish Creek Park and ended up at Lake Sikome, where all the kids went for a swim. Because swimming wasn't on the agenda, we didn't bring any towels, so the kids were more than happy to make Grandma and Aunty Ann wet so they could warm up!
Warming up? Or getting Grandma wet?
 Later, on the way home, we did stop and find a few geo-caches that were close to our home. This one was a bit tricky with a little puzzle to solve before we could get the container open!
Opening the geocache!
 There's more to come!