Saturday, 11 August 2012

Camp Aunty Ann - Part Three

No camp experience is complete without a couple of creative endeavors and with a mix of boys and girls, the challenge was on!
Lego is always a hit!
Lego is always popular and I've got quite a collection that was left behind when our boys grew up and moved out! We finished our week with a trip to the Lego store - and a real dilemma for the $ left in the pockets before everyone headed home.

Music is the universal language and I was surprise to overhear plans for the next big name band being made in our basement! Barely a note had been played and there were already whispers about websites and logos and band names. We had a banjo player, a bass player and a piano/violin player in the band.
Swingin' Stringers
Fabric painting
 Later that day, we did some fabric painting - my original thoughts were to make pillow cases. The boys decided that the band name would make a great subject for the fabric paint - so here's to the "Swingin' Stringers".
And there's nothing more satisfying that hammering a few nails and using some power equipment to make something - even for the girls - and so, we made a few birdhouses. The pattern is from Birds & Blooms and is called the One-Board Birdhouse for Beginners and goes together great! Just a few supplies are needed - each birdhouse cost around $2, making this a very affordable project.

Wow! I can't believe we packed all that fun into one week! It's a little quiet here this week as all the kids have gone home, but we may have to make some plans for next year. . . .