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Crafted by Lindy was one of the first shops that I gave a heart to on Etsy. Her cards and paper products have such a clean, crisp look and have a cute factor of 10/10. If you like clean, modern art with plenty of colour, this is the place to find it.
Don't Peek
1.  Please introduce yourself and tell us a little about how you started creating.
My name is Lindy and I come from a very creative family. Both of my parents are artists and my dad worked in the Art Gallery at the University of Lethbridge. I grew up in a very creative atmosphere and ended up getting a fine arts degree in technical theatre from U of L. I then got married and moved to Calgary where I went through a couple of jobs and had three kids. I stayed creative by making cards. Paper was the one media I kept going back too. I started to play around with designing images on the computer and went from a more scrapbook like card to a digital version which is what you see in my Etsy shop.
    2. What inspired you to move from creating as a hobby to creating as a business?
    While I enjoyed making cards I always felt like I needed a purpose. It was hard for me to just sit down and make a card just for the fun of it. I had to have a reason for doing it. I found Etsy shortly after having my first son. I missed working and thought selling cards on Etsy might fill that need. I worked on some digital images and opened my shop in February of 2009.

    3. Show us a few of your favourite pieces and why they are your favourites.
    Oh this is hard! I like everything! I think it’s important to really like what you sell. I think customers can feel that through your shop. But with that said there are a few that stand out.
    Blue owl print
    I love my Owls. They came together very naturally and I just love how they turned out!
    Twelve Days of Christmas Greeting Card
    I love this 12 Days of Christmas Card. Again it came together very naturally one day and it’s been really well received. It’s very fun to have make something that you love and then find out that other people love it too!
    Rainbow Note Cards with Bunting
    I really like all of the bunting listings in my shop. I love how simple of a design it is but it creates a great visual.
    Giraffe Art Print
    I really like my animal wall art prints. They were some of the first images I designed in order to open my shop.

    4. What does shop local mean to you and why is it important (or not important)? 
     I think it’s important as it creates a sense of community and supports the area that you yourself live in but I also think it’s fascinating how a community can for formed from hundreds of sellers all over the world. That’s one of the reasons why I like Etsy so much.

    5. Is there any one moment or experience in developing your art or your business that stands out in your mind? Why? Hitting 700 sales probably. I have no idea why. You’d think hitting 1000 would be more thrilling and it was but for some reason I went crazy when I saw the number go past 700. Go figure! I’m just thrilled that I’m able to do something I love and that my cards and prints are finding new homes all over the world.

    6. Do you have any of your pieces in a local shop or in an artisan market? Tell us where and when.
    No I don’t.

    You can find Lindy here:

    Thank you, Lindy, for sharing some of your story with us!



    1. This feature is wonderful! Thank you so much Ann! I really appreciate your support!


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