Baby Quilt Round up

I've made a few baby quilts over the past few years, some for grand kids, some for my Etsy shop and some for family or friends that have had a baby. Traditional or modern, here are a few of my favourites:
Dick and Jane baby quilt
I still have some of the Dick and Jane fabrics left and have plans to put them together into another baby quilt, but with a different layout than this one.
Personalized Chinese Coins baby quilt

This Chinese coin quilt is so modern looking and I wasn't 100% sure about the fabric choices until I had it together. The pops of bright colour keep it kid-friendly and the black and white prints look great on the white background.
Scrappy 9-patch Baby Quilt

Scrappy 9-patches look great against a white background. I've done 3 of these in pinks and 2 in blues. Quilts made from what would normally be considered scraps are still at the heart of what I love to make and you'll be seeing more of these as long as I can sew!

Double Four-patch Baby Quilt

Green double four patch quilt looks stunning in a single colour way and I've seen it done in scraps too and it still looks great. I love the way the light and dark squares draw the eye along the diagonals - this is another pattern I will be making again!

Which one is your favourite? Leave me a comment or post me a link!



  1. Log cabin in any setting is still my favorite, but I love how simple scraps can make a stunning stacked coins quilts!

    1. Char, I like log cabins too and a big scrappy one is on my quilt bucket list!


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