Friday, 22 March 2013

Canadian Blogs

Blog land is full of blogs from all over the world - blogs about food, DIY, family, photos, business, you name it, someone is blogging about it. I love reading blogs and then clicking on their blog lists to read more and pretty soon, my time has flown by and I haven't done anything creative with my hands! But my mind is overflowing with ideas and sooner or later, some of those ideas will come out in fabric and be turned into quilts.
Photo from Refreshed Designs
Refreshed Designs is a Canadian blog. Kelly has great budget-friendly ideas and I love her clean and simple decor - tons of great ideas here!
Photo from Wind Lost
Wind Lost is another Canadian blog find and the photos here show a more traditional decor, but still very lovely.

Do you have a favourite blogger you follow? Please share!