Thursday, 8 August 2013

The Good Ol' Summertime

Life gets busy in the summer. In Canada, we seem to have such a short period of time for outside pursuits that we pack as much as possible into the few months when the weather warms up! Here's just a few things that keep us busy in the summer:
Trimming horse feet
 That's my hubby doing the hard work. Learning to do some of this for ourselves definitely makes owning horses more affordable.
Sugar, just resting!
 This little 4 year old mare is a gem. She's great to ride and so calm and laid back.
Copper, learning to stand quietly
Copper is a 3-year old gelding. He's just learning about manners and learning to stand while we work around him. He will get his first taste of trail riding this fall and we think he'll be awesome!

Normally, by this time in the summer, we will have already been out to the mountains to trail ride a few times, but with the flooding and being busy elsewhere, that hasn't happened! :(