Saturday, 17 February 2018

Celtic Knots

Celtic knots have always fascinated me. The way they wind over and under and around without having a beginning or an end.
Celtic Knot - FOR SALE here
I've done this knot a few times in green, but I did this one in purple for something different. I had no ideas of how I was going to finish it, but that rarely holds me back from stitching something up!
At our quilt guild's Christmas party in 2016, we were each given 3 fat quarters with the intent that we were to bring something back for our end of year potluck in June of 2017. Well, that didn't happen and the 3 purple fat quarters stayed on my shelf, waiting for their turn to shine.
I love smaller projects like this because they let me try some new things and practice some things that I don't really want to do on a larger piece.
1",2" and 3" borders
The 3 guild fabrics ended up making a great set of borders around this Celtic knot.
Pebble quilting
A little pebble stitching around the centre motif makes the Celtic knot stand out. Simple meandering on the purple dragon fly border. And a spiral on the outer border to echo the design on the fabric.
Showing off the back
A plain colored backing fabric shows all the quilting, including the stitch in the ditch straight lines around the borders.

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

A Tale of 2 Charm Packs

Fabric manufacturers are doing a great job of finding unique way to market their fabrics. From little 2.5" squares to 10" squares to fat quarters to 1/2 yard bundles, there are lots of ways to get a whole collection of coordinating fabrics without having to buy yardage of each piece.
 One of the fabric designers I love is French General. Their fabrics are rich and have an old world feel to them and I think they'd look very much at home in any heritage home.
I bought a couple charm square packs (5" squares) of their "Madame Rouge" line and pared them up with an off-white tone on tone that I had on my shelf. I wasn't sure that the off-white was a good choice as it seemed too bright, but I like the way it makes the reds and golds pop.
The first quilt I made was a pattern from quilter Carrie Nelson's book "Another Bite of Schnibbles". The pattern had some half square triangles and some quarter square triangles and a sweet pieced border of half square triangles.

And I still had some pieces left from those 2 little packages of charm squares, enough to make this other little quilt in a tradition Flock of Geese pattern.

Quilting was just in the ditch along the seam lines on the larger quilt, and diagonal lines on the smaller one. I still have a couple squares left of the charm packs, but they will just get added to my scrap pile. 

I'm pretty impressed that I was able to put two quilts together with a couple charm packs, a little background fabric and a bit of yardage for binding (This was a solid from a previous French General line of fabrics, not a perfect match, but pretty close!)


Sunday, 4 February 2018

Update to A Winter Quilt

Just added borders to this one and it looks great! Now on the hunt for a flannel for the back!
Snowman Double Irish Chain
Do you like this combination of machine embroidery and quilting? I'm looking for more ideas to combine the 2 techniques!


Sunday, 7 January 2018

A Winter Quilt

Beautiful machine embroidered snowmen + Scrappy pieced blocks = a unique quilt!
Irish Chain scrappy blocks
There are so many beautiful machine embroidery designs available and it's been such a fun time browsing and looking to see which ones I could use in a quilt. One of the sites I spent a lot of time browsing over the Christmas holidays was Bird Brain Designs. Their designs have just the right amount of primitive and I've always loved redwork.
Embroidered Snowmen
While busy making Christmas items, I cut all my scraps into 2" squares and started sewing them into scrappy blocks for a double Irish chain quilt. When I put them up on the design wall, I had a light bulb moment and decided I could use some embroidered blocks for the centers of the alternating blocks.
Partially laid out
I did run out of embroidery thread just one snowman short of being finished, so I'm not quite finished, but I'm pretty happy with how this is looking. I'll need a great Christmas fabric for a border and this will be a great quilt for Christmas 2018. I'm pretty sure I'll have it done for then!


Friday, 5 January 2018

Tea Cozies

Tea is a favorite beverage at our house and we love it when we can brew it in a pot, where the tea leaves have room to expand and give full flavor to the finished product. Trouble is, tea in a pot cools down and by the time I'm ready for cup #2, the tea pot has cooled down! Except when I use a tea cozy. My go-to tea cozy is one that I have from northern Canada made from heavy wool duffle fabric. I've had it for close to 20 years, so it's showing a little wear and tear!
Inuit tea cozy
With a little bit of hand embroidery, I've been making some patchwork quilted tea cozies that I love!
But first, tea. - SOLD
Tea, (n) a hug in a cup. - FOR SALE
but first, tea - FOR SALE

Drink tea. Read books. Be happy. - SOLD

If you are a tea lover like me and don't have a tea cozy yet, isn't it time to get one for yourself? Or would you like to see a tutorial on how to make one for yourself?