Monday, 10 April 2017

Row by Row House Quilt

One of the quilt guilds I am a part of is in the midst of an Unfinished Object (UFO) challenge with a neighbouring quilt guild. The way this challenge works is every UFO that gets finished is given some points, depending on how long it's been since it was started. The winning guild is to host our annual year-end dinner in June.
Row by Row by Beaumont Quilting Buddies
The oldest UFO I have is one that was started way back at the turn of the century - 2001. The group of quilters I was part of at that time decided to do a Row by Row Round Robin quilt. Each person began the process by making a row and deciding a theme or colour for their quilt. When their row was completed, the row (and maybe some fabric) was passed on to the next person on the list. Every month we were to pass on the rows and by the end of the process, each person would have a quilt with a row done by everyone in the group.
Ann's row of houses
This is the row that I did to start. I liked the yellow for the windows as it looks like there is a light shining out like someone is home. I moved in 2002 and lost track of who had my quilt and whether or not progress was being made on it (and the others!)
Sherry's Row houses
This row was added by Sherry and represents the cookie cutter houses that were in her neighbourhood when her husband and she bought their first home.
Deb's scrappy houses
A row of scrappy houses make up the row by Deb S. I love this row - fabrics are completely random and remind me of my friend and how she can pull together something beautiful out of diverse and random fabrics.
Deb's barns & Ann's flying geese
And the other Deb in our group gave me some barns for my horses. The variety in fabrics and the thoughtfulness in including a piece of my life was such an awesome surprise when I received the quilt rows back in 2009.

The quilt was a pretty good width, but I wanted it longer so I added some flying geese in a blue prairie sky - a regular sight in our southern Alberta sky, especially during spring and fall migration.
And a finish (16 years!)
I added borders, and the outer border fabric was just slightly too short without having to piece, so I added a little 9-patch in the corners - a good solution to a common problem of not quite enough fabric.

And then, this quilt sat for a few years waiting for me to quilt it. And with this UFO challenge, I decided to send it to Marie of Blueberry Hill Quilts to quilt it so I could show it as a finished quilt and get some points for our guild out of it. I just have to add a hanging sleeve and then it will be hanging on my quilt rack where I can enjoy it and the memories it brings back of a great group of quilters!

I love quilts that tell stories and this one tells me one of friendship, diversity and the good feeling when something gets completed.


Monday, 20 March 2017

Leftover fabric plus stash fabric equals stunning quilt!

Do you remember this quilt top from last year?

It's back from being quilted by Marie at Blueberry Hill Quilts. And I love how it looks! The quilting always adds the extra little bit of texture.
Country Star Quilt
 The centre is just an arrangement of 4-patch squares along with some 1/2 square triangles.
Country Star Quilt
 The rose pink inner border was bought after the centre was pieced and the outside border fabric was pulled from my stash collection of fabrics.
Country Star Quilt
 The final binding was chosen after the quilt came back from quilting. I had a green set aside, but it just didn't look right when all was said and done. A brown shade pulled from the border floral ended up as the binding around the outer edges.
Country Star Quilt Detail
 The backing fabric is a plain muslin. It's a little stiff right now as I don't pre-wash any of my fabrics. It will soften and pucker up slightly after it's first wash and will be a cozy quilt that will last for years!
Country Star Quilt Detail
 Do you have fabrics left from another project? Not sure if you have enough to make something? Try a few 4-patches and 1/2 square triangles and rearrange until you like them! Add coordinating fabrics from your stash! No pattern required!


Friday, 10 March 2017

Wool applique Chickadee Circle

I am always game to try something new and wool applique is something I've been wanting to try for a long time. This little wool project was a kit & pattern I bought on Etsy in 2012 from a shop called Honey and Cloves.
 I love watching the birds outside my window and the birdfeeder is always filled with these cheerful little birds that stick around all winter long in Alberta.
 The colours of wool chosen for this pattern are just perfect. And the wool applique went together easily and was a great project to have beside me as I watched TV.

I finished it off with some little red buttons that were in my button jar. I'm pretty happy how it turned out and it has it's own pace on a little round table I have sitting by the easy chair in our house.

So, this is another finish off my UFO list and now I'm on the hunt for the next wool applique project!


PS. Pattern can be found here:

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Spring Quilted Wall Hanging

I'm not always a fan of panels. They are often hard to square up because of the way they've been printed or rolled on the bolt, but I like the whimsical designs of Nancy Halverson (Art to Heart).
 I don't remember when I bought this panel and the coordinating fabrics, but I looking for a spring quilt to hang on my wall. Because of my Dutch heritage, spring means tulips in every shade and color! So I pieced a tulip border.
 When working with pieced borders, sometimes they don't quite finish at the measurement needed. And that happened here and I added the green strip in different widths to make it all work out.
 My friend and fellow quilter, Marie of Blueberry Hill Quilts, quilted it on her long arm machine with an all over tulip quilting design.
 The backing is a floral I've had for a while that's found it's way onto the back of a number of quilts. I think this is the last of it - I don't remember seeing any when I did my year end fabric inventory!

And as much as I wanted a spring quilted wall hanging, this quilt caught someone's eye on my Facebook page and it has a new home!

Now I need to look for new fabrics and ideas for the next quilt!


Monday, 9 January 2017

Winding up the old year

Let's see how I did with my Unfinished Object (UFO) list from 2016!
  1. House Row by Row - still unfinished (sent out for machine quilting)
  2. Spring Wall Hanging - still unfinished (sent out for machine quilting)
  3. Fisherman Wall Hanging - still unfinished, ready for quilting
  4. Christmas Plaid - FINISHED!
  5. Feathers, Star, Aboriginal Gray and Burgundy - still unfinished.
  6. Christmas Bargello Table Runner - still unfinished.
  7. Red & Gray Strip Table Runner - FINISHED!
  8. Kim Diehl Applique Table Runner - FINISHED!
  9. Quilt Canada 2010 Lady Slipper Applique & Sashiko - still unfinished.
  10. Hexagon Tea Cozy - still unfinished.
  11. Chickadee Wool Circle - FINISHED!
  12. Pastel Pink & Green Gathered Tea Cozy - FINISHED!
So that's 5/12 finished! Sorry for the awful photos - one of my ongoing resolutions is to up my photography game and get better photos here on my blog and on Facebook and Instagram. My problem is that my phone is so convenient for picture taking that I don't take photos with my camera as often as I should.

How did you do with your unfinished creations from last year? Are you ready to share your list for 2017?? I'll be going through my sewing room today and making that list, starting with the 7 that were left from 2016!