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Four Years of Magpie Quilts!

From my very first sale (a mini quilt) only a week after I started: Mini windmill quilt to my first custom order - a wedding quilt for a bride in Boston. Wedding quilt to my favourite baby quilt - the scrappy 9-patch Pink Baby Quilt and a customer favourite in all sizes - the chevron! Yellow Gray Black Chevron Quilt I love this adventure I am on and the quilts will keep on coming out of the sewing room! --Ann

Selvage Mug Rug

Wikipedia defines a   selvage  (US English) or  selvedge  (British English) as a  self-finished  edge of  fabric . Normally, these are cut off and discarded in the process of making a quilt (or any fabric article), but I've been saving mine for just this kind of project. Selvage mug rug A mug rug is a little mini-quilt, larger than a coaster, smaller than a placemat, that you can place your cup and a snack on without it taking up too much space. The beauty of these ones are that they are a great example of making something beautiful out of what otherwise would be trash.   Selvage mug rug in blue  First, you need to save your selvages. I cut mine with about 1/2" of the main fabric attached. You'll see why when we start sewing them onto the mug rug. This will give you about 1/4" of the main fabric showing after sewing, so if you want more or less fabric showing, cut your fabric selvages accordingly. Cutting your selvages  Next, cut a backing fabric and a

Wordless Wednesday