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Garden Picnic Quilt

What to make with a pack of fruit and vegetable printed fabrics? My original intention was to make a mason jar quilt with these vibrant prints but a quilter can always change their mind, right? This is a disappearing 9-patch pattern. I love the way this pattern allows the fabrics to show themselves off. The large 9-patch I started with had the print fruit/veggie fabrics in the corners, black in the center and the light green for the other four squares.  This quilt has a green cotton backing and a black binding and will be sure to be a welcome quilt and picnic blanket for those sunny summer picnic days! Also a great size for cool evenings, star gazing or camping! Beautiful quilting by Heather of Purple Quilt Girl in Dalemead, AB. This quilt may be purchased here: Garden Picnic Quilt


This lovely quilt pattern was reappearing in my social media feeds and I had a fat quarter pack of pink, red and burgundy fabrics that I was wanting to make a quilt with. This was a quick and easy quilt to make and it turned out so much better than I imagined. I probably could have spent a little more time thinking about the border hearts and spaced the colors out with a little more balance, but it's meant to look scrappy - not too controlled.  The scalloped borders that make the heart shapes were a bit challenging to finish with a bias binding, but like many quilting skills, slow and steady win the race and perfect isn't always required. :) A pink Minky dot for backing and a beautiful quilting job by my good friend, Marie of Blueberry Hill Quilts in High River, AB, and all finished. This one was listed in my Etsy shop and SOLD within 2 days of listing. If you're interested in making this one, the pattern can be found here: Hearts Afloat Quilt Pattern Download And if you w