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Mug Rugs with a printed picture Tutorial

Recently I made a few mug rugs with a little saying on them that I printed onto printable fabric. Bailey's Mug Rug - SORRY, SOLD OUT! I also found some photos from my garden over the last few years and decided to see how they would look as mug rugs. Floral Photo Mug Rugs These little sayings about how to keep calm are popping up all over my social media & I grabbed this one as my starting point. You can always use your computer to make something that's totally original, dress it up with a fancy font and save it to print whenever you need it. To grab a photo from the web - first check for copyright. Not all images are free for the taking, so take the time to go to the original source of the photo and ask. When you have your permission, go to the image you want and right click it. You should get a little pop up window that has an option to SAVE this image to your computer. Please save it somewhere you can find it back, like on your desktop and maybe take the t

Year of the Miniature Quilts

I've decided that this year will be the year of the miniature quilts at Magpie Quilts. I hope to make at least one for every week of the year - I'm behind already, but we will catch up! I am determined! Here's the first four for 2016! These all started with a few coordinating fabrics from my stash of fabrics, a block pattern and a border or two. All these mini quilts can be used on the table as seen in the photos or they can be hung on the wall with command hooks and a dowel. Blue & Gold Mini Quilt - FOR SALE Walkabout Mini Quilt - FOR SALE Ohio Star Mini Quilt - FOR SALE The last of the first four miniature quilts is made from a fan block that's been in my cupboard for a very long time. The block is from Quilter's Newsletter magazine and they had done a series of embellished fan blocks. I never made more than the single block and never had quite the right project to use it in. So I made a miniature quilt around the block and I love the final re