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Adding A Giraffe to a Baby Quilt

Sometimes when discussing a custom quilt with a customer, an extraordinary idea comes through. This was a repeat customer who had already received one of my chevron quilts for her grandchild. When she found out she was expecting another grandbaby, she came back to Magpie Quilts. We talked about another chevron quilt and before I got started, she asked for something with giraffes.  I didn't find any giraffe fabrics that would work with the chevrons (animal prints are often directional and that doesn't work for this pattern). But I did find a great print of fabric for a giraffe body. I searched online for an outline silhouette of a giraffe - something that wasn't too babyish and more realistic. I enlarged it until it was large enough to stand out on the quilt, traced it onto fusible web and fused it onto the quilt top. The fused giraffe was finished with a machine blanket stitch. The quilt was quilted with in-the-ditch on the chevron and around the outline of the gira