Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Friendship Star Variation Table Runner

I don't always follow a pattern when making my quilts. Usually I start with a few coordinating fabrics, in this case a beautiful rose print on a black background, a rose and a gold that coordinate with the rose print.
Deep rose table runner
First I make a few basic quilting units - some four patches and some half square triangles. Then I play with them on my design wall.

Long and Skinny?
My design wall is just a length of white flannel yardage that I pieced together and tacked to the wall near the ceiling. I love being able to put my fabric pieces on and being able to rearrange them until I'm happy with the layout.
Or square?
First I tried out a layout for a long skinny runner, then I tried a square layout. Although I liked them both, the square layout won and I finished the piecing.
Machine embroidered quilting
I decided that this would be a great project to try out quilting with my embroidery machine. There were a few bumps in this process, but in the end, it all turned out ok and I hope to do more quilting this way in the future.
Matching set: Table runner and Tea cozy
 The finished runner with the matching tea cozy. A lovely set for any table!


Monday, 4 February 2019

Tea Cozies

These tea cozies go pretty quickly, but I though I'd share the few I recently made.
Bee lovers tea cozy

I use batting left over from quilting projects and for these tea cozies, fabric from my stash collection.
Blueberry tea cozy
The hardest part of these cozies is gathering the bottom of tea cozy onto the base. The first few times I've made these, I used my sewing machine to make the gathering stitches, but I found it was easier to gather when I used a 12 weight thread and did a running stitch by hand.
Rose tea cozy
I keep all kinds of ribbons and such from gifts and fabric bundles and try to use them for things like these cozies. I thought this black ribbon would look good on this tea cozy but I think I'll be changing it out to an ivory to match the lining.
Rose tea cozy and matching table topper
And what's a better than a tea cozy for your tea pot? A table topper to match! I'll post how I put this one together in my next post.
Card themed tea cozy
Before Christmas I made a couple with card fabric for a local bridge club - always love doing something custom for people! There may be a few more of these in the next little bit as I've been having a good time making them!