Monday, 27 August 2012

Sewing Room Update

I was surprised by my sweet husband this weekend as he helped me lug the bunkbeds to their new home downstairs and sent me off to IKEA to buy the frames for the bargain desk tops I found on Kijiji over a year ago. The end result is a room just for me - a sewing studio with a huge table for spreading out fabrics and cutting boards. There's still some fine tuning to do, but that will come as I use the space and figure out what works and what doesn't.

So pop on over and see where I will be doing my creating this fall:
The Board Room Cutting Table
Sewing desk in the corner
Ironing Board and storage in walk-in closet
Next full-size quilt in progress
And in cleaning up, I checked my inventory for the coming fall season and found a spot that I couldn't quite get rid of on one of my baby quilts, so it's reduced in price from $110 to $60. The spot will not affect wear and may disappear over a few washings.
Price Reduced from $110 to $60 - Buy Here!
I found a few more things in my cleaning up, so you'll be seeing them over the next little while.


Saturday, 11 August 2012

Camp Aunty Ann - Part Three

No camp experience is complete without a couple of creative endeavors and with a mix of boys and girls, the challenge was on!
Lego is always a hit!
Lego is always popular and I've got quite a collection that was left behind when our boys grew up and moved out! We finished our week with a trip to the Lego store - and a real dilemma for the $ left in the pockets before everyone headed home.

Music is the universal language and I was surprise to overhear plans for the next big name band being made in our basement! Barely a note had been played and there were already whispers about websites and logos and band names. We had a banjo player, a bass player and a piano/violin player in the band.
Swingin' Stringers
Fabric painting
 Later that day, we did some fabric painting - my original thoughts were to make pillow cases. The boys decided that the band name would make a great subject for the fabric paint - so here's to the "Swingin' Stringers".
And there's nothing more satisfying that hammering a few nails and using some power equipment to make something - even for the girls - and so, we made a few birdhouses. The pattern is from Birds & Blooms and is called the One-Board Birdhouse for Beginners and goes together great! Just a few supplies are needed - each birdhouse cost around $2, making this a very affordable project.

Wow! I can't believe we packed all that fun into one week! It's a little quiet here this week as all the kids have gone home, but we may have to make some plans for next year. . . .


Wednesday, 8 August 2012

WIP Wednesday - August 8

Not much done these past few weeks on the sewing/quilting parts of my life, but the garden is alive and well and here's a couple pictures of what's been on my to-do list that's been getting done!

Happy Gardening!

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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Camp Aunty Ann - Part Two

Because we're on an acreage, there are always things to do outside. We have a few horses, one of them an old mare (30 years old) that is quite reliable and trustworthy with any beginning riders. The other one is the one I normally ride - he's not quite 20, but is fairly quiet and although he doesn't listen to all the cues with the kids, he's not likely to go running off or bucking.
Lucky and Jake and 2 very happy riders!
 We also have a dugout and a canoe and although it's a small area to paddle in, it was a great way to spend a hot summer afternoon.
Learning to paddle together!
Changing of the crew.
 We took in a performance of Mary Poppins, which was in town on its Broadway Across Canada Tour. Our seats were up high in the very back of the theatre, but we could still hear and see everything on stage. Even the most reluctant one of our group enjoyed the show.


Monday, 6 August 2012

Camp Aunty Ann - Part One

Last week I was busy entertaining and being entertained by 2 of my nieces and a nephew and a great-nephew - all between the ages of 10 and 13. Why would I do such a crazy thing you might ask? It's because I love this age group - these kids are just coming into their own personalities, learning to express their opinion and are still young enough to listen and old enough that they take care of their own personal hygiene! My mom (Grandma and great-grandma to these kids) drove them 2.5 hours from their home town to my house and stayed overnight so she could come with us on our adventures the next day.
We're going on a hike!
 Our first full day together, I had hoped to do some geo-caching, but for some reason, my phone app wasn't finding any geocaches close to where we were. So, we set off on a hike through Fish Creek Park and ended up at Lake Sikome, where all the kids went for a swim. Because swimming wasn't on the agenda, we didn't bring any towels, so the kids were more than happy to make Grandma and Aunty Ann wet so they could warm up!
Warming up? Or getting Grandma wet?
 Later, on the way home, we did stop and find a few geo-caches that were close to our home. This one was a bit tricky with a little puzzle to solve before we could get the container open!
Opening the geocache!
 There's more to come!