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Sewing Room Update

I was surprised by my sweet husband this weekend as he helped me lug the bunkbeds to their new home downstairs and sent me off to IKEA to buy the frames for the bargain desk tops I found on Kijiji over a year ago. The end result is a room just for me - a sewing studio with a huge table for spreading out fabrics and cutting boards. There's still some fine tuning to do, but that will come as I use the space and figure out what works and what doesn't. So pop on over and see where I will be doing my creating this fall: The Board Room Cutting Table Sewing desk in the corner Ironing Board and storage in walk-in closet Next full-size quilt in progress And in cleaning up, I checked my inventory for the coming fall season and found a spot that I couldn't quite get rid of on one of my baby quilts, so it's reduced in price from $110 to $60. The spot will not affect wear and may disappear over a few washings. Price Reduced from $110 to $60 - Buy Here! I fou

WIP Wednesday - August 8

Not much done these past few weeks on the sewing/quilting parts of my life, but the garden is alive and well and here's a couple pictures of what's been on my to-do list that's been getting done! Peas Beans Happy Gardening! --Ann Linking up with Quiltsy WIP