Saturday, 30 April 2011

Make-It Show Calgary

Today I went and checked out the Make It Show in Calgary. There were lots of great artisans, with a variety of products for sale. The entry fee is $5, but there's a $2 coupon on the website.

Some of the artisans that I met from the Etsy Alberta Street team are Sarah from Bubble Gum Sass who was sharing a table with Kalen from Minibytes. Sarah had some beautiful purses and zipper pouches for sale and Kalen was selling these cute amigurumi pincushions.

 A little further along was Bonnie from Stufd with a table full of sock monsters - love this one!

But Edmonton fans might like this one better:
 And my only purchase was a present for my MIL for her birthday from Shprixieland, a potter from BC whose pieces were bargain priced. But I'll keep that a secret until she has it.

Friday, 29 April 2011

Etsy Alberta Street Team Spring Sale

April 29 - May 5
Check out the variety of items that are on sale this week from Alberta online sellers. For a complete list, please check out the AB street team blog:

Etsy Alberta Street Team Blog

My shop is featuring FREE SHIPPING for my Canadian customers, so please come & check it out:

Magpie Quilts

Thursday, 28 April 2011

On My Design Wall

I really love blue & white quilts and have been collecting blue fabrics for quite some time. I recently made a disappearing 9-patch quilt for my local quilt guild's bi-annual charity event and thought the pattern could look great with a monochromatic colour scheme.
Turquoise and purple for the charity quilt
 The charity quilt was made from 3 fabrics, with half the 9-patch blocks featuring dark purple in the corners and turquoise in the centre and the other half with the colours reversed.
9-patch block made from 5" squares cut from my blue collection
 My blue 9-patches were made with a variety of dark blues in the corners, with a consistent medium blue for the centre patch. After cutting in half both vertically and horizontally, each 9-patch block yields 4 blocks that can be rearranged however you like.
Arrangement #1

Arrangement #2

Arrangement #3

On the design wall

 This is on my design wall using the first arrangement - will this be the final arrangement? Stay tuned and I'll show you.

Edited Oct. 1, 2011: Here it is finished Click here to see finished!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Signs of Spring

Finally it seems that spring is arriving and one of my annual traditions is to look around our yard for signs that spring is here.
Pussy Willows

 I can hear the frogs singing and the birds twittering as they flirt and build their nests.
Rhubarb sprouts
 And although the garden is still to wet and cold to work, the rhubarb is showing signs of life. I try to start some of my flowers and garden plants ahead of time every year, but am a bit later than usual this year, due to the cold March and April we've had. These plants have finally been moved from inside the house out into the greenhouse, with a little extra heat provided for the cool nights and they are enjoying the additional sunshine they get there.
April 27 in the greenhouse

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Welcome to my Blog!

I'm a bit hesitant about starting a blog. The reason I'm hesitant is that I'm easily lured into spending more time on the computer than is really needed. And I really wonder if anyone is interested in what I have to say on a regular basis.

So, here goes nothing, if I get one or two followers or dozens, this blog will tell a bit of my creative journey as I develop my online quilting business and a little of what inspires me.

Feel free to comment and leave me feedback.