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Blue is my favourite colour!

I've had this fabric for quite sometime and have had it out a time or two to consider what I might make with it. Runner and placemats  Well, I finally figured something out. Originally I matched it up with a green fabric as an accent, but it just didn't inspire me, so I stuck to the blue print and a matching blue monotone print. Maple leaf runner in blue Maple leaf runner in blue Some classic maple leaf blocks, lined up and twisted and turned and set off with sashing. Set of six placemats And a set of 6 placemats to match! Runner and placemats And from the selvage edges of the fabric, a mug rug of course! And a mug rug to match! And now, there's not much left of that pretty blue foliage print except a few scraps that are going in my scrap basket! Do you have a fav fabric that you are waiting for just the right project? --Ann