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Moda Love Quilt Update

Look what came back from being quilted by Marie of Blueberry Hill Quilts in Chestermere, Alberta? Moda Love Quilt - FOR SALE HERE This baby! I just couldn't wait to see how it looked on a bed, so I threw it on our bed as soon as I could! Moda Love Quilt - FOR SALE HERE Marie is a genius in picking out quilting patterns and this one is just perfect for this quilt. Moda Love Quilt - FOR SALE HERE Every. Single. Time. I am blown away by the way a perfect quilting job turns a quilt from being just ok to being fabulous! Moda Love Quilt - FOR SALE HERE This one is backed with a pink print cotton backing. The binding and label are on and I'm just waiting for the weather to dry up a bit and then it will get a full on photo shoot.  Moda Love Quilt - FOR SALE HERE I've been seeing so many different color combos for this quilt pattern on Instagram and I know I will be making another one of these soon! --Ann

Dogs and Buffalo Plaid

Since I purchased an embroidery machine a year and a half ago, I've been looking for projects that mix the beautiful designs available and the quilting that I love. 80188-Beloved Dogs by Kathleen Keil Hill I know so many people whose dogs are an integral part of their families. When I saw this design package 80188-Beloved Dogs by Kathleen Keil Hill from Embroidery Online , I began to think about how I could incorporate these beautiful dog embroideries into a usable quilt.  To begin with, I needed to make sure I had all the colours needed for the machine embroidery. I now have a really great selection of earthy brown and black shades for embroidery that I didn't have before. The designer did a great job of finding shades that reflect the dog breeds and digitizing the stitches that show the details. I mean, look at those puppy dog eyes!  I went through my stash collection of fabrics to find the perfect backdrop and didn't find what I was looking for. And th

Wild and Free Babies

Although most of my projects are made with my own fabric collection, sometimes I fall in love with an entire fabric line and buy pre-cuts. That's what happened a while back in my local quilt shop " My Sewing Room ". They had just put out an entire line of fabric from Moda called Wild and Free by Abi Hall . I was there to find something for another project and knew that this sweet fabric would be sold out by the time I had a project in mind. So I scooped up a jelly roll and 2 metres of the feathers on a blue background. The fabrics have been on my shelf for a year or so and I've finally decided on the project. The prints are really cute and I didn't want to cut them too small or those details would disappear. I decided on a square in a square block. It's pretty simple and straight forward. For each block, cut one 2.5" square of background (white) and two 2.5" squares and two 2.5"x6.5" rectangles of each fabric (prints) for each bl

Hexagon Table Runners

A little over a year ago, my quilt guild had a workshop on making these hexagon table runners.  Hexagon Table Runner These are made from striped fabrics. This one is a beautiful red and silver gray print. Hexagon Table Runner I didn't take any in progress photos, but these runners aren't complicated to make. Fabric is cut in strips parallel to the stripes in the fabric. Then wedges are cut from those strips with a 60 degree ruler. Hexagon Table Runner You need 6 pieces from each strip with the identical placement of the strips. Hexagon Table Runner Then each set of 6 pieces is sewn together. 60 degree wedges of coordinating fabric are sewn to join the wedges together. Matching the stripe lines is not difficult and the end result looks like an advanced sewing technique. Hexagon Table Runner  I finished them with either 5 or 3 hexagons per runner as the odd number seems to just look better. Hexagon Table Runner Some fabrics are more interesting tha