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Fruit Pie Potholders or Hotpads Tutorial

Last fall my mom was making a few of these for her local quilt show and sale. I thought they were pretty cool and have been keeping my eyes open for fruit themed fabric just in case I wanted to make a few. Pear Pie Hot Pad or Pot Holder At the end of May at Calgary's Heritage Park's Gathering of the Guilds quilt show, I found some great fruit fat quarters and they followed me home! I already had a tan colored fabric that could be used for the lattice pie crust, some insulbrite and cotton batting and a quick trip into Fabricland netted the shining heat resistant fabric (normally seen on ironing board covers) that would be the pie pan backing. Cutting Directions: I'm not much for finding a pattern for something that I can figure out, so I made a circle template from a piece of cardboard that was about 9" in diameter. For each pie, I cut 1 fruit fabric, 1 insulbrite batting, 1 cotton batting and 1 shiny fabric from the circle pattern. Pieces cut for pie pot hol

Baby Quilts!

Baby quilts continue to be a popular item at Magpie Quilts on Etsy. And these ones are so adorable, it's easy to see why. This first one is the result of a quilt guild mystery that we did over the course of the winter. The 30's reproduction fabrics blend together well and the pattern really looks great in the pastel shades with the white background. Vintage Look Baby Quilt - FOR SALE!  The second one is a pretty basic quilt with what I had left of Dr. Seuss fabrics. Never underestimate a simple pattern and awesome fabrics. This one was sold before I could get it listed! Dr. Seuss Baby Quilt - SOLD!  And this last one is a rail fence pattern. This second picture shows the fabrics a little better. I've always loved this pattern and the zig zag diagonals it makes across a quilt. Very traditional baby blue quilt! Baby Blue Rail Fence Quilt - FOR SALE! Baby Blue Rail Fence Quilt Detail What do you like to see in a baby quilt? Do you lean towards traditiona