I've always been interested in family history and searching out my ancestors was something I wanted to do on my recent trip to Holland. Besides meeting real live family (my mom & dad's cousins), we looked at archives and spent some time looking through cemeteries for family names.

My dad's family is from the province of Gelderland and we found birth records for my grandfather there and found this is the cemetery:
Tombstone from my dad's great-grandparents
The house my dad grew up in. The bottom floor was for my grand-father's bicycle business and the family lived upstairs.
 My mom's family is from the province of Zeeland and are descended from French Huguenots that fled France in the last half of the 17th century. In Aardenburg, we found the marriage record for my grand-father's great-great grandparents from 1798.
Aardenburg was a beautiful town, full of history as it has been in existence since Roman times. Before the surrounding land was claimed from the sea, it was an important port on the European coastline.
Town gate still stands from the middle ages
Stones mark the foundations of the gateposts from the Roman Fort
Do you have stories from the past?



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