Fabric Painting (Part Three)

One of the techniques in the book for adding texture to a painted piece was to crinkle the fabric up.
Crinkled fabric drying on lawn (subliminal message: you do not see dandelions in my lawn!)
Dryed and pressed fabric that was crinkled
 And finally, after a long day of fun in the sun, it was time to clean up. I still had a few pieces of fabric left and we still had some mixed fabric paint left, so we improvised and finished everything up rather than throw anything away.
Top fabric - fingers were dipped into the paint and then sprinkled over the fabric. Some of the mixed paint was opaque and some transparent - can you tell which is which? We also had some cute elastic shapes that we put on top of the fabric for sun-printing - these worked quite well.
Middle fabric - sponged leftovers onto fabric and heavily salted. Love the way the salt provides texture to the finished pieces.
Bottom right - last piece of fabric was just dipped into the remaining containers one corner at a time and allowed to soak up the remaining paint. Result was a nice saturated blend of colours. Again, this one was thoroughly salted.
Close up of corner of the last piece of fabric
 All that was left to do was wipe the tables and pack everything back into the house for me, the car for my 2 friends. Rather than use paper towels for wiping up between pieces of fabric, I used a single piece of fabric. This is what it looked like at the end of the day:

May all your messes be beautiful!



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