Vintage Look Sawtooth Quilt

This is a quilt that I saw in a Quiltmaker magazine and loved the mix of vintage pastels with the red pinwheels. Fabrics were collected, blocks started and the process was found to be tedious and it was difficult to get consistent sized blocks with all the triangles and bias seams. Needless to say, this quilt was put on the back burner while other, easier projects were started and completed. Over the years, the sawtooth quilt would come out, a few more blocks would get done, and then go back to it's home in the back of my closet. This year I pulled it out, determined that I would finish it and after a few starts and stops, it did get done.
 Here it is on my queen sized bed.
 Love the quilting done by Marie at Blueberry Hill Quilts, Chestermere, Alberta

And, in the end, I still love the quilt pattern, but not so much the process on this one. So, dig out those old, long forgotten projects, decide if they are worth finishing. If they are, get them done. If they aren't, give them away to someone else or cut them up for something else.



  1. This is a very beautiful quilt. While I'm sure it was tedious, it is a wonderful, appealing finish. Congratulations on getting it done. Years of enjoying it will help you forget the tediousness of completing it.


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