WIP Wednesday - April 25

My sewing machine sat idle for most of the week, but today was my weekly sewing day with a couple friends. As it turns out, there were only 2 of us here at my house today. My friend, Marie, was working on a challenge quilt from her guild retreat and was adding some beading embellishments.
Click to enlarge and check out the gorgeous beading on this one!
And I was playing catch up from one of the swaps I'm behind on - the Scrap Buster's Bee on Flickr. The idea here is that once a month, a member of the group posts what type of quilt block they want and the other members make that quilt block from their scraps. Here's the one block from the 3 months that I was behind on:
Scrappy crazy quilt block
While I was looking for some of my old craft supplies, I found this folded star pincushion kit that I started and didn't finish. It's now a little closer to being completed, but I need to find some fiberfill to stuff it. Although I love the look of the folded star, it was a little too fussy and time-consuming for my liking.
Folded Star Pincushion
 The other project on my table today was the Granny Square quilt. I have a couple blocks sewed together now and I can tell this is going to be another favourite of mine.

Granny Square quilt blocks
 What unfinished projects are lurking hidden in the back of your closets?


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  1. Love your Granny Square blocks. They are on my to-do list

  2. I have to agree that your Granny blocks are very nice!

  3. I have a ton of projects lurking in my brain, just need to get them started! Love the granny squares too (I have 3 done, but obviously need to do more to make a quilt!!)

  4. mine lurk too! love granny squares and would love to try them out def on my to do list!

  5. Beads on quilts! Can there be anything prettier?

  6. That folded star, it brings back memories. I'd started quilting but wanted to try to get some gals interested in a craft night. We started with the folded star and made pillows. I'm still gathering friends and ideas!


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