Double Four Patch Table Runner Tutorial

I've been making a few of these little quilted table runners in the last few weeks. They are quick, easy and you can use your scraps if you like!

You will need:
2 contrasting fabrics for the center small four-patches (each 1 strip 2.5" x WOF)
1 main feature fabric for the larger squares (one fat quarter)
and 1 contrasting fabric for the side triangles (one fat eighth)

Cut your fabrics
For your small center four patches, cut 12x light and 12x med-dark 2.5" squares from your 2.5" strips.
From your main feature fabric, cut 10x 4.5" squares.
From your contrasting fabric, cut 2x 7" squares.
7" squares cut twice on the diagonal
 Take your 7" squares and cut twice on the diagonals so you will have 8 triangles with the straight of grain along the long edge.
Arrange your pieces
 Arrange all your pieces and lay them out so you can see how it will look all together. Piece your four patches and press seams toward the darker fabric.
Sew your four patches
Sew blocks into rows
 Sew blocks together into rows (they will be diagonal) and press seams towards the main feature fabric. Put rows back in place as you finish them so you keep the layout the way you planned.

Sew rows together and press
And sew the rows together and press all seams in the same direction.

Layer with a thin, light-weight batting and quilt as desired!



  1. Love this! I'll have to make some myself, now!

  2. great instructions Ann. I intend to try one of these one day.. just not sure when

  3. Thank you for this tutorial. I am new to quilting and I'm looking forward to making this lovely table runner.

  4. What size will this table runner be? I just love the design.


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