Easy Bow Tie Quilt Block Tutorial

I promised you a tutorial for one of the easiest blocks I know, the bow tie quilt block.

For each bow tie block you will need:
  • 2x 6" squares main fabric
  • 2x 6" squares background fabric
  • 2x 3" squares main fabric
Draw a line diagonally from corner to corner on your 3" squares
Layer your 3" square on one of your background squares, right sides together. Look carefully for the diagonal line placement.
Sew on your diagonal line.
Do not trim! Press as shown. (You will have 3 layers of fabric on the corner, that's ok!)
Sewn and pressed!
Backside of the just sewn piece. Repeat with your 2nd background piece and 3" square.
Join your main color 6" square with the square you just made with the background fabric. Press towards the dark square. (2x)
Join these together to make your block! Horray! You're finished! Easy Peasy!
Bow Tie Quilt Blocks on the design wall.
This is a great block and once you've got a few made, play with the layout a little, you can line them all up the way I did here, but see what other layouts look good to you! Or try starting with smaller squares of fabric - maybe 4" for your large squares, 2" for the small ones.



  1. Nicely done tutorial. Thanks Ann

  2. I love this tutorial, its so much easier than using the block with set in seams. I've always wanted to make a bow tie but never got around to it. I'm now well under way with your easy directions. Thanks a million for this tute.

    Annie :-)


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