Prepping for Christmas Craft Sales

Last year I made a list in the quiet times of the craft sales I participated in. This list was for things that people asked for when they looked at my table. Some wanted more country colours, some asked if I made coaster sets, and some looked, walked away, came back and left again without purchasing anything.
Country Greens Table Runner
 I've expanded my table runner selection to include a number of country coloured quilts, made some coaster sets and still have a couple weeks to make a few more surprise items that will be new to Magpie Quilts.
This year I am going to be set up to accept Visa and Mastercard credit cards. I'm hoping that this will help purchasers who might otherwise not carry the amounts of cash for some of my larger quilts.
 And I've been trying to increase my number of actual Christmas themed items - after all, these craft sales are meant for the Christmas market!



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