Monday, 18 November 2013

10 Bucket List Quilts

There are so many quilts I want to make, but not enough time to make every single one, so here's my bucket list of quilts that I would like to make.
  1. Double Wedding Ring Quilt - I already have one of these that I made by hand when I first started quilting (I may have to take a photo or two and share how it turned out with you!), but I'd like to try this again with a little more knowledge and skill and see how it turns out.
    Double Wedding Ring - photo from McCall's Quilting
  2. Hawaiian Quilt - I love the bright colors of these quilts and the soft curves of the applique. This seems to me to be such a soothing project to be done completely by hand if possible.
    Stack of Hawaiian Quilts - photo from Flickr
  3. Landscape Quilt - Art quilts are something I've admired for a very long time, but haven't quite got up the courage to try. I love Gloria Loughman's landscapes and it will probably be something inspired by her that I try when I have the courage.
    Windmills by Gloria Loughman
  4. Flower Art Quilt - One of my other loves is gardening and I've been collecting photos of flowers along the way as inspiration for a someday flower art quilt. This one will likely be a sunflower or a tiger lily and will likely be one of the first quilts I cross off this list!
    Sunflowers in the setting sun by Barbara Harms - photo from
  5. Scrappy Trip Around the World Quilt - There are some awesome photos of this quilt floating around cyberspace and with my love for scrappy quilts, I see this one happening sometime in my future - I think it can be a quilt that progresses slowly over time.
    Scrappy Trip Around the World from
  6. Christmas Quilts for every bed in the house - this seemed an ambitious project way back in the day when we had kids at home and a bed in almost every room. It might just be more doable now that we only have our bed, the guest bed and the bunk beds! (Hey, that's only 4 beds and one Christmas quilt is already made!!!)
    Cowboy Christmas from my personal collection
  7. Any of Judy Niemeyer's quilts - I especially like this one!
    Feathered Star Queen - photo from
  8. Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt - I've started a few hexies, but am not likely to get enough to make a quilt of any large size. And I think that I might start putting them together in the traditional rounds, but will probably get bored with that layout and start changing things so they're not quite so predictable!
    Grandmothers Flower Garden - image from Pinterest
  9. New York Beauty Quilt or a Mariner's Compass Quilt - The challenge for any quilter's piecing skills is consistent and sharp points. This will be an accomplishment to finish.
    Mariner's Compass - photo from
  10. Log Cabin Quilt - This is another quilt that I've done before when I was just starting to quilt. I'd like to do a larger quilt with smaller piecing like the one here.
    Log Cabin Quilt - from All People Quilt via Pinterest
So, there you have it! I won't be done quilting for quite some time, even if I didn't have other projects on the go already! What about you? Do you have a quilting/crafting bucket list?


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