Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Black and Coral Flowers

Sometimes I go into a quilt shop and see some fabrics that I just need to bring home, even with no project in mind. These fabrics were one of those (many) times I've done just that! Although the colors look a little washed out in these photos, it is really a pretty, rich coral color!
Table Runner
Matching set?
 I originally bought 4 fat quarters and in the course of making the table runner, found out that I didn't have enough to finish it the way I wanted, so the next time I was in the city, I picked up one more coordinating fat quarter and finished the table runner, plus a set of potholders and a few sets of coasters.
These are such pretty fabrics, I think I should have bought yardage and made a full-size quilt from them!
Fabric Coasters
Fabric Coasters
Do you purchase just what you need or are you drawn in to purchase fabric, just because it's pretty?


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