Quilting on the Road

As part of our preparations for retired life (not quite there yet!) we purchased an RV last year and this year I've been working on setting up so I can continue my sewing while we are away from home. My Janome sewing machine came with a table that doesn't take up much room and because I already have a great sewing table in the house, it has a place in the home on wheels!

On one of our summer "camping" trips, I had the opportunity to try it out. I only forgot to add a good chair, so it was a bit uncomfortable sitting on the couch and sewing, but when I got stiff and sore, I could just get up and take a walk outside in the beautiful scenery!

The ironing board fits great on the dinette. I don't put water in my iron so that I can leave it in the RV all winter without worrying about whether or not the residual water will freeze and cause leaks.

So, if I think I'll have time to sew when we are away, all I need is my sewing machine and my projects - and I'll show you how I prep for that another time!


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