Thursday, 22 January 2015

New Year, New Quilts!

While doing my year end inventory of fabric and sorting and cleaning up the projects that like to spread out all over my sewing room, I found a few left over half square triangles from a baby quilt I did a few months back. I had set these aside with the idea that I would make another baby quilt with a different layout of the same half square triangle blocks. 
Blue & Grey Baby Quilt with Minky back
 In this quilt, I used four of the half square triangles to make a modified version of the Broken Dishes quilt block (found here).
Looking good in a wintery photo!
A few of the blocks are a little different - some have a colored fabric instead of the white and a couple have a colored triangle filling out one corner of the block (one up from bottom right).
Just hanging out!
 I took this one in to my local quilt shop My Sewing Room and used their long arm machine to quilt it and I have to say I loved using the long-arm. I loved how easy it was to "draw" my quilting on the quilt surface rather than maneuvering the fabric under the needle of my home machine and I loved how the stitch regulator kept my stitching even, regardless of how fast or slow I was operating the machine.
Baby Blue & Grey Quilt - FOR SALE HERE!

I think this might be one of my fav baby quilts I've made for a long time!

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