Auditioning Sashing for a Scrappy Quilt

Yesterday I showed you the lovely scrappy eight patches that I was making for a comfort quilt for our guild's Stone Soup Day.

Today, I want to show you how I audition different fabrics to finish a scrappy quilt. Sometimes I will know what I want to use as a main fabric before I start, but with the variety of scraps I was working with this time, I knew I wanted to save this step until after I had the centre eight-patches completed.

Here's some of the fabrics I pulled that I thought might work, in no particular order:
Option 1: Olive green with stars

Option 2: teal blue

Option 3: tan

Option 4: bright blue

Option 5: Print on light tan

Option 6: Print on light brown

Option 7: light tan
Let me know in the comments below which option you like best! 


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PS So, after laying these out & taking photos, I actually did the math to figure out how much fabric I need for the sashing. Turns out that I don't have enough of any of these fabrics, so a trip to the fabric store is in the works. Stay tuned to see what I actually decide!


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