Beautiful Blue Queen Quilt

This lovely blue quilt is in the mail and off to it's new home in Ontario, Canada!
Blue Denim 9-patch Snowball Quilt
This is another in the series of 9-patch and snowball blocks that I've been doing over the last year or so. Because of the way the colours are arranged, the little triangles on the snowball blocks are what makes the pattern. Can you see the stars surrounding the blocks?
Blue Denim 9-patch Snowball Quilt
I am really happy this quilt is done. Not because I don't like it - I really do, it's my fav colour, blue, and the fabric is a great denim shade that I'd have my entire wardrobe in if I had my way! But because it was huge (108"x108")! I felt like I was sewing 9-patch blocks forever! 
Blue Denim 9-patch Snowball Quilt
I have 2 more custom quilts to go and that's it for the large custom quilts for 2015! I am looking forward to making some of my own ideas and prepping for fall and Christmas.
Blue Denim 9-patch Snowball Quilt


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