It's Hard Running an Online Business without Internet!

After months of no internet at home, I'm finally back connected on a regular basis and ready to begin posting here a little more frequently. I have gotten to know my local coffee shops with free WiFi and have spent more time face to face and it's been a good summer.

I did manage quite a few finishes and this disappearing friendship star was one of them. I blogged about the block back in April here. I have been looking at many quilts online that have been "quilted to death" and thought I might like to try quilting with some dense quilting and practice my free-motion quilting at the same time. Click on the photos to zoom in closer if you want to see the quilting patterns more clearly.

Disappearing Friendship Star Table Topper

Corner detail

From the back
I am glad to have this one done and ready for use - it is up for sale in my Etsy shop here. Although I enjoyed the process of quilting this table topper, I still prefer my quilting to be less dense and a little more free form than this, but I will keep trying different things as I love to learn new techniques!


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