Scrappy Double Irish Chain Quilt

As much as I like quilts that are made from a single fabric line, my true love in quilting is to make quilts from scraps. For me, it's a closer connection to the roots of quilting, where women (and some men) used fabrics from worn clothing to make warm coverings for their families.
The pieces of a double Irish chain quilt
 This scrappy double Irish chain quilt has been in progress for a while. When I have scraps from quilt projects that are smaller than 6" square, I will cut them into 1.5", 2" & 2.5" squares that I collect in see through plastic containers. When I feel inspired to make something scrappy, I can just go to these tubs and start sewing!
Sunflower Scrappy Irish Chain
This quilt is what I would call co-ordinated scrappy! Most of the squares are totally random colors - you will find everything from pastel to Christmas to civil war to batiks and many more, but the yellow squares were placed specifically to make the diagonal lines of the traditional Irish chain pop out. I did not have enough yellows in my scraps to make all these blocks, but it was easy enough to use a few larger pieces of yellow fabric to make up what I needed.

And then I had this wonderful sunflower fabric from a friend that makes a perfect border! This quilt is now off to Blueberry Hill Quilts to be quilted and I'm looking forward to getting it back and getting some awesome outside photos to share with you!



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