Winding up the old year

Let's see how I did with my Unfinished Object (UFO) list from 2016!
  1. House Row by Row - still unfinished (sent out for machine quilting)
  2. Spring Wall Hanging - still unfinished (sent out for machine quilting)
  3. Fisherman Wall Hanging - still unfinished, ready for quilting
  4. Christmas Plaid - FINISHED!
  5. Feathers, Star, Aboriginal Gray and Burgundy - still unfinished.
  6. Christmas Bargello Table Runner - still unfinished.
  7. Red & Gray Strip Table Runner - FINISHED!
  8. Kim Diehl Applique Table Runner - FINISHED!
  9. Quilt Canada 2010 Lady Slipper Applique & Sashiko - still unfinished.
  10. Hexagon Tea Cozy - still unfinished.
  11. Chickadee Wool Circle - FINISHED!
  12. Pastel Pink & Green Gathered Tea Cozy - FINISHED!
So that's 5/12 finished! Sorry for the awful photos - one of my ongoing resolutions is to up my photography game and get better photos here on my blog and on Facebook and Instagram. My problem is that my phone is so convenient for picture taking that I don't take photos with my camera as often as I should.

How did you do with your unfinished creations from last year? Are you ready to share your list for 2017?? I'll be going through my sewing room today and making that list, starting with the 7 that were left from 2016!



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