End of 2017

Way back in January I posted a list of Unfinished Objects (UFO's) that were awaiting completion in my sewing room.
12/17 done! Not too bad! Here are some pictures of the finished products! There were many more quilts made throughout 2017 - it was a productive year as I've got more energy than I've had for a long time! 
Little House simple Table Runner - FINISHED

Bow Tie Table Runner - FINISHED

Pink & Violet Star Table Runner - FINISHED

Spring Wallhanging - FINISHED
Tan w/ pink border lab quilt - FINISHED

House Row by Row - FINISHED
Blue jean circle quilt - FINISHED

Race Car Toddler Quilt - FINISHED

Pie Hot pads - FINISHED
Feather & Star Gray & Burgundy - FINISHED
Christmas Tree Skirt - FINISHED
Clearer photo of the tree skirt - FINISHED
I don't seem to have a photo of the Christmas Sampler Quilt, but I'll get one done as soon as I have someone to hold it up for me outside where the light is good, so watch for that to come soon!

And that leaves me with 4 quilts to carry over to my new list for 2018 as I missed the due date for the Proverbs Challenge quilt for my guild!
  1. Fisherman Wallhanging - still in progress
  2. QC2010 Lady Slipper Applique & Sashiko - still in progress
  3. Hexagon Tea Cozy - still in progress
  4. Christmas Bargello Table Runner - still in progress
  5. Proverbs Challenge Quilt - missed due date!

Thanks for stopping by! - Ann


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