Custom Quilts

I love to create my own interpretations of traditional quilts, often in modern, fresh colors. But I also take on custom orders and sometimes that means a client who has very specific ideas and just doesn't have the means to create them on their own.

I have one repeat customer that has challenged me to make interpretations of Disney and childhood characters. These are not something I would make for resale if not for the custom request. 

 These are machine appliqued. The pictures begin as a coloring page and enlarged using a grid method. It's explained much better here than I could do:
Borders are added to complement the embroidered centres. 
 The Lion King started with a digitally printed starburst background piece of fabric in royal blue. The challenge was to make the moon look bright and white without having to resort to adding it via applique.
 Adding letters to make a statement. This can easily be done to add personalization to a baby quilt as well.
 Shading on the nose and eyes done simply with a pencil crayon. I'm not worried about it coming off as this is a wall hanging and not intended to be washed regularly.
Timon was a challenge because he is so small compared to the other characters. His details were added with a fine tipped permanent marker.

The techniques used in these 3 quilts are easily transferred to any pictoral quilt. Quilting enhances whatever you decide to do as you can see the different textures added by the quilting on the Lion King quilt especially.

Custom quilts continue to challenge me with new techniques and new ways to think about how I put a quilt together, from the fabrics to the final quilting. Hope you enjoyed these!



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