Quilting with Grandkids

Fabrics - assorted from my closet
California Dreamin'
This summer I had the pleasure of having my 10-year old granddaughter come and spend a few days with me. We decided to make a quilt during the time we had together and I didn't really expect to get a lot done past picking a pattern and fabric and a bit of sewing.
Laying out the quilt blocks
From the magazines I had, she looked and found this pattern from the Easy Quilts Spring 2014 from Fons and Porter. We then photocopied the pattern and went to the fabric closet to pick out fabrics. The 3-D effect of this quilt is from the clever use of warm and cool colours and soon there was a stack of warm coloured fabrics and a stack of cool.
More blocks
 After a quick introduction to the basics of sewing, we were off and sewing. Between the two of us, we finished sewing and trimming all the blocks needed for a quilt top in the two days she was visiting.
Lookin' good!
Each step of the process was well within her skill set and the paper piecing resulted in precise blocks that were easy to sew together. Because we were both sewing, the pieces went together quickly and having a design wall to see how the blocks looked together was a great motivator for keeping going.

After she went home, I sewed the blocks together into a quilt top and now it is ready for her next visit when we can go to my long-arm quilter's and chose a quilting pattern to finish this quilt. 

I look forward to showing you the finished product soon!


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