Spicy Spiral Table Runner

These table runners were so much fun to make. They take a 9 or 10 degree ruler and 8 different fabrics. The fabrics can be a gradient from light to dark in one colorway or you can do what I've done here with 4 fabrics dark to light and then another 4 going light to dark. 
The pattern is called Spicy Spiral Runner and you can find it easily through an internet search. There's also YouTube instructions. 
These are quilted quite simply along the seam lines of each wedge. The fabrics are first pieced in what quilter's call a strata - all strips sewn together in order - and then cut in wedges according to the instructions. 
Piecing the wedges together in the right order makes the distinctive turn and shape. 
The binding needs to be a bias binding because of the curves and is a little tricky at the points. A good pressing helps it all lay flat in the end. 
Needless to say, none of these runners stuck around very long and I hope they get tons of use in their new homes.



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