Attic Windows Quilt #1

I have a tradition with my grandkids that sometime in the year that they turn ten years old, they come and spend a few days with me and we create a quilt together. I love to spend time with each of them one on one and they get to learn what goes into making a quilt. 
The granddaughter who made this quilt is a cat lover and she wanted a quilt with pictures of cats on it. So she collected cat photos that she liked from all over and then we printed them on printable fabric.
Then, we selected the bright pink fabric for the sashing and borders and the two shades of blue for making the attic windows. I did regret that the cat pictures had so much white showing but every quilt has something that I learn from.
The best part of this quilt pattern was that she was able to do most of the sewing herself. She was able to keep herself motivated and in the few days she was here, we finished all but the borders.
We chose a soft white Minky backing and sent it off to be quilted by Marie of Blueberry Hill Quilts in High River, Alberta.
As you can see, she's loving curling up with it and it's become her fav blanket! 



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