3x6 Block Exchange

I <3 this Flickr swap! Sign ups are every 3 months and participants are put into groups of 7. You pick what 3 colours you would like your blocks to be and then everyone else makes you a block in those colours. You pick a pattern (or make one up) and make a block for everyone else in the group with that pattern and their colours. The blocks are amazing and so creative. Take a look here.

This is the block I'm doing for the 2nd quarter.
Purple, yellow & gray
It's a simple block - easy enough for the very beginner and has a great modern look to it. Here's the how-to:

You will need:
9- 2.5" squares of desired colours (red, black and gray here)
1- 2.5"x6.5" strip of background (I used white) - Piece A
1- 2.5"x8.5" strip of background - Piece B
1- 4.5"x8.5" strip of background - Piece C
1- 4.5"x12.5" strip of background - Piece D

Arrange your 9 coloured squares until you have an arrangement you are happy with.
Sew together in rows, then join the rows together to get a 9-patch as shown.
Add Piece A to one side of your 9-patch.

Add Piece B to adjoining side as shown

Working around your block, add Piece C and Piece D.

And you're done - easy peasy!

Happy Quilting!


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