Creative Space

For a long time, my sewing space was my dining room table. That meant that I would pull all my sewing stuff out of the closet or under the bed and set up to sew, only to have to put it all away so my family could have a place to sit down and eat. But kids grow up and move out and for the past couple of years, I've been sharing my sewing space with the spare bedroom. That means I only have to clean up when I'm expecting overnight guests or the grandkids visit and need a nap. The end result is that I end up with a very messy sewing space and often have some cleaning up and rearranging to do before I can sit down to my sewing machine.

This is what it looked like this morning when I went in:
Piles of fabric on the ironing board and guest bed

Books and magazines are stacked behind the sewing machine.
 and this is what my sewing table looks like all cleaned up:
Room to sew!

The wallhanging at the top right was embroidered by my grandmother.  She loved to do handwork and always had some project in her hands. She did not quilt - I remember her saying she couldn't understand cutting fabric into tiny pieces and putting it back together. I have some of her tatting samples that I am saving for some future projects.



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