Candy Tin Pincushion

Little tins are everywhere, from cough drops to candies, if your house is like mine, you have no shortage of tins. I brought back this tin of butterscotch candies from my recent trip to Holland along with some typical Dutch printed fabric.
 Trace on the backside of your feature fabric around your tin.
 Layer your feature fabric and a backing fabric right sides together.
Sew a little larger than your tracing - I used 1/4 inch.
Cut a slit in the backside and turn right side out through the slit.
 Stuff with fiberfill - not too firm, but not too soft.
 Glue bottom of tin with tacky glue or use your hot glue gun.
Push your filled pincushion into the bottom of the glued tin firmly.
 Let dry and put the lid on.
You can also add a magnet on the inside of the lid to keep your needles.
There you have it - a cute pincushion from your sweet little tin!



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