Custom Wedding Quilt

Last month, I received a wonderful note from someone who wanted me to make a quilt for their wedding. It's going to be a Jewish wedding and they want the quilt to be the wedding canopy. The wedding ceremony takes place under the chuppah (canopy), a symbol of the home that the bride and groom will build together. It is open on all sides to welcome people in unconditional hospitality. After a flurry of emails back and forth, fabrics and a pattern were chosen.

Last week the fabrics for the wedding quilt came in the mail and I just fell in love with them! They are from the Minick American Banner Rose line from Moda.

I wasn't sure how I was going to piece this quilt together as the pattern has a number of points coming all together in one place. It tends to make a bulky seam and is hard to quilt over. I finally ended up making a paper-piecing pattern and had a few of the points end just a little off-center of the quilt blocks to reduce the bulk at the center point.

I think I am really going to enjoy piecing this one together!



  1. Beautiful block. Lovely fabrics. Looking forward to pictures of the finished Quilt.

  2. It will be gorgeous! Love the pattern you're using. Can't wait to see it finished!


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