Tissue Cover Tutorial

I love to have some tissues in my purse as they are always needed! But I hate the way they get scrunched and messy after they've been in there for a while. This little tissue cover will keep them neat until you've used the last tissue and then you can put a new package in and start all over.

Materials Needed:
3 pieces of fabric 3.5"x5.5" (I used 2 of the red/black music print and 1 of the black/white print)
Fold and press 2 of these pieces to they measure 2"x5.5". I love using a seam guide for this as the iron glides right over it and it gives me an accurate measurement.
Lay unfolded piece right side up, then a folded piece right side down with raw edges to one side and fold to the middle.
 Lay second folded piece right side down with the raw edges to the opposite side and fold to the middle. The two folded pieces will overlap slightly at the center.
Sew all the way around all four sides. Clip corners and turn right side out. Poke corners to square them off, press lightly and insert your tissue package. This pattern is sized for Kleenex brand packages.

This tissue cover is being given away along with a matching zippered pouch and credit card case over here!   Deadline to enter is February 17, 2012!



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