Faux Piped Binding

I tried a Faux Piped Binding tutorial from Thread Tales from a Scrappy Quilter and although the tutorial didn't specify any instructions for the corners, it turned out pretty great. I've been looking for ways to completely do my bindings with machine stitching and this is a great technique to do that.

 From the piping fabric, you need to cut and piece 1 5/8" strips the length you would normally cut your bindings (perimeter of quilt plus about 6-8"). From the binding fabric, you will need to cut 1 3/8" strips the same length as your piping fabric. Join strips with a diagonal seam to reduce bulk and when you have the correct lengths, sew together along the long edge to make a 2-color strip.
Joining strips for piping
2 colours for piped binding
 I pressed the seams open and then pressed it in half. That meant the seam ends up on one side of the strip with a little bit of the blue showing on that side.
Pressed and ready to put on the quilt
 Then, I sewed the pressed binding on the BACK of the quilt same as I would normally do for a single color binding. And turned it to the FRONT and set up your machine with thread matching the piping in the top needle and thread matching the backing/binding in the bobbin. Pin carefully so the seam from the piping is directly over the stitching line you just made when stitching your binding on. Top stitch in the ditch of the seam that joins the piping fabric to the binding fabric.

You can sew a few inches and see what the seam looks like on the back - it should be just off the binding, but don't worry if it's not perfect the first time - it will get better with practice!
Click picture to see detail
Christmas Star - FOR SALE
 And this little table runner is finished! This took a little longer than I thought, but I was worried about how the stitch would look on the back-side. I caught the binding a bit more than I wanted, but it is a technique I will be trying again.

What new techniques have you tried lately?



  1. Thank you. I had seen this technique a while ago, but lost the information. Now I have to try it.


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