Guest Room Make Over

Out of the way and private in the basement, this room was claimed by our oldest son when we moved here. He change the lighting from fluorescent fixtures in the drop-down ceiling to recessed potlights, added a dimmer switch and painted the trim a beautiful royal blue. When he left for college, the next oldest promptly moved out all his brother's belongings, painted the walls chocolate brown, and moved his stuff in. And life was good and these two found awesome women, got married moved out and are living their happily ever after.
Chocolate brown walls
Wall graffiti
The youngest son was happily living in an upstairs bedroom, but when his messy bedroom became too much to look at on a daily basis, he was moved downstairs into the vacant room while he was away one summer. Because he's a musician in the military reserves, his curtains were made from camo fabric. But this summer he moved out, and, well, some of his stuff went with him, and I took the opportunity to re-do this room into a more permanent guest room space.
Bright and light
Still need to add wall art here (and curtains)
Desk and closet
I still need to work on curtains for the window and for the closet door, but it's a brighter space and we've already had guests here to test it out. It was fun to re-do a space, spending a little on paint, but most of the other decor items were re purposed from other areas of the house. You'll probably see more photos of this space in the future as I plan on using it to photograph my quilts.

How about you? Have you re-done a room in your house? Used what you have in new ways to refresh a space?



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