Finishing the Snowball and 9-patch Little Quilt

Finished Snowball and 9-patch little quilt - For Sale here!
 I've had a lot of fun making this little quilt. Sometimes, bigger is not always better and these small quilts let me get something done relatively quickly and practice some of the techniques that I'm slowly learning!
Marking the quilting pattern
Free motion along marked lines
And removing the lines with water
I took a class in machine quilting feathers back in May of 2013 and although the practice piece from that class is still not finished, I did learn how to mark a quilting pattern on a quilt top. The blue marker is from Clover (available here on Amazon) and disappears with water. This little quilt had some great open white areas that are great for a medallion motif. This motif was from an old issue of Miniature Quilts magazine and I traced it onto the snowballs and free-motion quilted it.
And the back looks pretty cool too!
There will be more of these kinds of quilting motifs in my future - the more I do free-motion quilting, the more confidence I get!

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